Vice Versa Hotel: Mon Dieu

This might be a strange time to post a saucy post in the run- up to Halloween. But since it is Saturday, I thought now was the perfect time to inspire amorous motives.

After my entry about the Moschino Hotel, I thought there would not be another quirky hotel to turn hotel decor upside down in the chicest manner. However Paris, arguably the chicest city in the world. Has shown her hand and she has an ace up her sleeve. Vice Versa is a boutique hotel which has a unique concept that appeals to my kitsch and kinky sides. Designed by Lingerie maestra Chantal Thomass, she created a series of suites focussed around the 7 deadly sins.

My favourite suite is unsurprising the Lust room. A erotic setting of pink and black, with saucy touches (the mirror over the bed is a nice feature for the exhibitionist in all of us). Similarly to Maison Moschino, the dining area is more sweetly take. Few Brits will be able to resist the teapot light feature, light and inviting.

If anyone is interested in a romantic rendezvous, this would be top of my list.









One comment

  1. Oh, what fun! You have to have a partner who wants to cater to his/her Feminine Goddess. XO

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