Monthly Archives: January 2017

Coveted Bag: Louis Vuitton Sac Triangle Bag

Traditionally, Louis Vuitton has not featured strongly on Hangbag-Fetishist. Even their achieve has left me lukewarm. No interesting shapes, styles, finishes, handles. Of course the ubiquitous monogram, which as an opponent of monograms. Means that LV and I must remain apart. However, not wishing to completely turn my back on Louis Vuitton. I discovered a […]

Miss Deadly Red: Mighty Maraschino

Kicking off 2017 with an explosion of voluptuousness and vivid vermilion. Miss Deadly Red; a Portsmouth based model and makeup artist is worthy of such accolade. At the tender age of 24, Miss Deadly has worked for the lingerie brands such as Playful Promises, What Katie Did and Kiss Me Deadly. Sets up Miss Deadly […]