Coveted Bag: Louis Vuitton Sac Triangle Bag

Traditionally, Louis Vuitton has not featured strongly on Hangbag-Fetishist. Even their achieve has left me lukewarm. No interesting shapes, styles, finishes, handles. Of course the ubiquitous monogram, which as an opponent of monograms. Means that LV and I must remain apart. However, not wishing to completely turn my back on Louis Vuitton. I discovered a recent jewel. The Louis Vuitton Sac Triangle bag.

Making her debut during the 2015 Autumn/Winter collection. The Triangle scores highly on the novelty front. A unique, compact shape that harkened back to vintage chic. But breathes life into a possibly stale style. A top handle provides the one and only means of carrying the bag. Triangle’s epic grain leather makes for a chic but sturdy cover. While some may have a problem with rather narrow body of the bag, where it make redeem itself is with it length. For such a slender bag, it does stretch farther then most shoulder bags.

If one is familiar with Handbag-Fetishist, then one must be aware Coveted Bags are never cheap. Approximately, Triangle will set one back between £800-£1,500. For a rather restrictive bag, this is an exorbitant amount of money.

Maybe there is hope for LV.




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