Catherine Baba: Follow Through

No one is more mythical then the mystical ‘Parisian Woman’ the epitome of chic. Sophistication reeks from her; the way she handles herself, her effortless saunters. She may not always be classically beautiful, her ‘looks’ are secondary. What makes her so coveted, is that she graces and glides regardless of her mortal vessel. She does not need to be French, plenty of French women did not conform to the spirit of the ‘Parisian Woman’. One woman is the most classical version of this elusive creature, Catherine Baba.

Born in Sydney (not the same country, not even the same continent). Baba was destined for a life more chic then shabby. Her mother was a couturier and her brothers cut fabrics. So it seemed an nautural shift for Baba to persue fashion. First with textile studies later moving to Paris to study at the Studio Bercot in 1994 Once Baba landed in Paris, her spiritual homeland. She never left. Baba has collaborated, styling for Chanel, Givenchy and Balmain. Her conquests in publishings include Vogue (Japanese and French), Dazed and Confused and Vanity Fair.

Baba’s style is both a throwback to Hollywood glamour (vintage fur coats, sky high heels with her trademark turban) with a touch of French fancy (often on her bicycle) In April 2010 French Vogue dedicated an article to Baba “Une Fille in Style”. More the dressing like an eccentric, Baba lives like one. Stories that showcase her flare for fancy and disregard for convention. How she hiked through the desert in a ball gown and heels. Swam in Sicily with a parasol and a plethora of jewels. Admiring a chandelier so much that when she was DJ at an event. Baba removed the chandelier and wore it! Bathing in Sake apparently is one of her beauty secrets. How fantastical is Baba! In social media age, where everything done to promote yourself. Baba just is. Even if no one saw her, Baba would not dress and behave in the same manner. What a refreshing approach to being. Dita Von Teese dedicates a whole page to Baba in her book ‘Your Beauty Mark’. J’adore Baba.

Vogue Australia - April 2016






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  1. She is a flashback to the decadent 1920’s – delighting in ‘over-the-top’ presentation. what fun!

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