Izzy Parry Lewis: Kick up Your Heels

As social creatures, we all look for a pride, tribe, pack and cult of our own. Where we are accepted, admired and appreciated. To my own coven of eccentrics, I include the latest addiction; Izzy Parry Lewis.

As the photography director and editor of ‘Marie Claire’. Lewis is in a prime position of prominence. Never dictating fashions or trends, far too easy. Any hack can promote the current fads, considering that most never last more then a few months at a time. True talent is cultivating style, staying focused. Lewis’ outlook is that ‘Dressing up is not frivolous, it’s mood changing and essential for sanity’. As one can tell, she adheres to the motifs of Handbag Fetishist. Hyper feminity, vintage inspiration and a strong sense of personality. A trait lacking in too many, wishing to fit it rather then excel in their own version of self. So appreciated in her own vision (no doubt including her own professional connections), Lewis even walked the runway for Lingerie label Fifi Chachnil. How many magazine editors have had such an honour bestowed to them? It is said that one can judge a person based on the company they keep. Then Lewis is amongst the very chic, she has been seen in the recent association of Burlesque diva Immodesty Blaize and milliner maven Adele Mildred. Some of the most stylish, singular sirens in London.




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  1. She looks like someone I would like to meet with you and have a chat.

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