Saundra Edwards: Line of Sight

When choosing a title for a post, one can feel compelled towards a name without much thought. Such was the case when decided what a post about pin-up Saundra Edwards would be. However, as one will find out, the title is more apt then I initially knew.

Edwards was born on 12th March 1938 in Los Angeles, California. An obviously stunning siren, Edwards moved easily into modelling. Her biggest feature was as a Playboy centrefold (March 1957). Of course Edwards modelled for various men’s magazines and was a Las Vegas showgirl. In addition to her covergirl career, Edwards was an actress (under contract at Warner Brothers). Appearing in only three films (‘Crowded Sky’ 1960, ‘Parrish’ and ‘A Fever in the Blood’; both 1961). Plus a handful of TV roles. Sadly Edwards never achieved fame, but she did become infamous.

On 6th October 1962, Edwards shot and killed her estranged and abusive husband Tom Gilson. Though an inquest ruled the shooting as justifiable. Edwards’ career could not withstand the scandal. When I started to write this post, I was unaware of this sad fact. How strange that I chose ‘Line of Sight’ as a title. When my original intention was to imply Edwards being a a focused huntress, not as a cunning killer. Not wishing to focus solely on the tragedy, Edwards was still a beguiling creature who deserves praise for her charms.

saundra edwards coy

saundra edwards technicolour

saundra edwards playboy

Saundra Edwards

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  1. Hmmm, she just seems to have disappeared (CA and AZ). You have to wonder…

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