Lamis King: Swan Song

Lipstick tubes are pretty much uniform. Some would say slightly phallic; cylindrical with a narrowing at the top. Precision perfection. Needing to be discreet for ones bag but not so small that it is troublesome to apply. So the actual tube itself does not change much. Besides the differing styles, colours, textures (maybe the odd bejewelled). The tube keeps its integrity. This is why any novelty lipsticks hold much sway with me. As a lipstick lover, this helps break up the tedium. So when I came across these gorgeous vintage lipstick tubes by Lamis King caught my eye, research had to commence.

As much as I would love to regale you with Lamis’ history. Sadly I have not been able to find a thing. The best I have come across that that Lamis King is registered in Hong Kong. Still you, dear readers. Can enjoy the beautiful swan lipsticks. While these may be restrictive for some, I believe that such beauty does not need explanation or justification.


One comment

  1. My Goodness, those tubes are exquisite! Do you own any fantastic creations like those? Wow!

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