Apologies for the long delay. Been going through a bit of ‘blogging block’. Cannot use the term writers block as I cannot consider myself a writer, just someone with allot of opinions. So when I stumbled across the staggering beauty of these 50’s feminine fetishes. My heart fell in lust. They are the product of Michelline Pitt. A designer who satisfies my love for retro fashion with a decades experience. Under the name of Vixen, a more perfect brand could not have been born. A case of Vixen by name, Vixen by nature. Whilst, I am not such a fan of pins, I adore the riding crop and bullet bra pins. But the feature that makes my lips dry and mouth water. It is this fabulous red lipstick, born from a collaboration with makeup artist Julie Hewett. As a committed devotee of lippy and retro pop art. This is on my lust list of makeup. In addition to the beauty of the product and packaging, the lipstick is cruelty free. A new requirement on all my beauty requirements.


  1. Blogging block is so real haha! I can totally relate with that struggle. The bra pin is so cute!

    1. Thanks for the solidarity!

  2. Oh, I love the pins. The whip, especially! In D/s – I am not a “whip” dievca, but its just so sassy~

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