Right on the Kisser

As far as shapes and sizes go. Lipsticks are pretty universal. Not always due to lack of imagination. Practically, there is only so much variation from a cylindrical shape that can fit into a handbag. So when I found a real giant lipstick. My heart fluttered with a thousand technicolor butterflies. My first introduction to Edward Bess’ jumbo Big Kiss lipstick was by Handbag- Fetishist icon Dita Von Teese. Yes, predictable. But she always delivers, so if it is not broken why fix it? She appeared on a programme called ‘Hey Qween’. A decent show featuring all manner of fabulous and outrageous ‘shade throwing’ drag fun. It is not available in UK and I am not aware of its arrival to our green and pleasant land. Anyway, I was bewitched by Von Teese’s jumbo lipstick. Sadly there was no mention of the maker who gifted this behemoth. So I tried to look up ‘giant lipstick’ but to no avail. Then today out of the blue (toned red). I found it, my glamourous white whale. Edward Bess.

A newcomer in the cosmetic realm. Bess only launched his eponymous line in 2010. But he was already selling a line of lipsticks in 2006 in Bergdorf Goodman at age of 20. Such an impressive beginning! 2010 saw the launch of his eponymous range in Newman Marcus. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 2012 Bess launched his range to the Paris’ chicest store Colette. Big kisser was only released in 2016. As the bottom image shows the visible size difference between Big Kisser and a typical lipstick, as you may gather this is not a cheap novelty. $65 (approximately £45-50) is allot of money for a lipstick (even a giant’s one). As far as I can tell, there is no sign of Big Kisser being sold in UK.   While I am not likely to indulge myself, as a lipstick fiend. I would love to see it for myself.


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