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Antoine Kruk: Je ne Sais Quoi

When one appreaciates a piece of art, even a very small feature. It is always nice to find the name of the artist. Too often (at least for myself) I find some art that I really appreciate but cannot find the name of the artist. So one can imagine how pleasing it was to find […]

Joe Shuster: Sleaze-a-Rama

While I am not a fan of comic books (or graphic novels) and is unlikely to ever but such a read. However, on occasion. There is a wonderful underbelly of eroticism when one knows where to look. As far as comic book cultural icons go; ‘Superman’ is in the upper echelons of global fame. What […]

Nathalie Rattner: Heat of the Moment

In need of hyper-feminity? Well executed art with a womanly focus? Nathalie Rattner is here to satisfy your modern pin-up desires. Rattner has collaborated with brands such as Bond & Knight, designed for a ranch of men’s leather wallets. She has lent her talents to a variety of other projects. Colouring books, cereal box covers, […]

Lady Weird: Quaintrelle

(CONTAINS ADULT THEMES, IF OFFENSIVE DO NOT READ ON) If you are wondering what the title translates as; Quaintrelle is a woman who emphasizes her passion through cultivating her personal style and enjoyment of pleasure. If one loves classic pin-ups, fetishism, B-Movies vixen and generally fine feminine features, Lady Weird is Quaintrelle of great talent […]


Normally, when I find something that intrigues and tickles me. I research it and try to find out as much as I can. However I have been stymied. For a while, I have been bewitched by not just Agent Provocateur’s enticing lingerie. But by their illustrations. The art work is both saucy and well executed. […]

Sincerely Yours

Occasionally one starts an entry and within that embryonic idea. Another idea surfaces. As a lover of writing and a¬†functionally Luddite, the idea of writing with pen and paper is rather romantic. While emails and texts delivers on speed and never risking the loss of post. I feel that writing letters or just writing things […]

Jim Weathers: Alpha Obsequious

In my neverending quest to supply you amiable pervs with what I believe is the best in Erotica. I give you the works of Fetish photographer Jim Weathers. Born in Michigan in 1962, yet spending his adolescence in the UK. Weathers always had an affinity for art, yet never considered a career based on his […]

Las Pozas: Obscure Treasure

When one ponders where to find unique art. The Mexican rainforest would not the first, second or even third place to think of. But when the brains behind such an endeavour is a fan of the upside down, peculiar. Expect the unexpected. Created by Edward James, a wealthy English poet. Las Pozas (translate as the […]

Private Showing

CONTAINS ADULT THEMES It is a fact universally accepted that Christian Louboutin makes THE sexiest shoes on planet Earth. Everything about Louboutin’s work is luxurious and lascivious (if shoes are your weakness). However what you may not know (until recently I did not) that in 2007 Louboutin collaborated with Surrealist film maker David Lynch for […]

Delta of Diaphanous

From ‘Hamlet’s Ophelia to ‘Twin Peaks’ Laura Palmer, we appear to have a peculiar obsession with women’s ethereal charms even in death. Why that is or when it started, I am not sure. Maybe it is morbid fetishization of the unpleasant and eventual decay of beauty. Or perhaps when some unknown darling, who’s name has […]