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Nancy Cunard: Rara Avis

Heiress, artist, muse and activist. Not many recall her name, but Nancy Cunard was a renegade who saw the world beyond her very comfortable existence. Born on 10th March 1896, into utter luxury thanks to her familiar fortune (due to the Cunard cruise connection). ┬áLike many children of the wealthy, Cunard flittered between boarding schools […]

Alice Denham: Scintillating Soliloquy

When perusing the careers of Playboy centrefolds, there tends to be allot of variation of a common theme. Model, actress or dancer (Burlesque of otherwise) are very much the norm. Not to be construed as an insult or denigration of such a career choice (your life, your choice). Still sometimes, it would make a nice […]

Vixen Books: Lurid Literature

If you want to secure my undivided attention, the words, ‘vintage’, ‘vixen’ and ‘books’ will buy you many hours with me. So when I have come across multiple images of a series of old books; with some frankly titilating covers. My retro radar springs into action. After my obligatory research, I have found yet another […]

Elizabeth Wurtzel: Histrionica

Without a doubt, one of my favourite living authors. Blessed with brains, beauty and a relentlessly fierce talent. Elizabeth Wurtzel. Born Elizabeth Lee Wurtzel on 31 July 1967 in New York City. Her early years were far from idyllic, her parents divorced, aged 12 Wurtzel’s began her life long battle with depression. Even though she […]

Poppy Z. Brite: Written In Blood

If you crave sensuality with a hint of earthiness, gritty realism with moments of softness all written with effortless grace, form and relentless ability. Then Poppy Z. Brite will satisfy your deepest desire. Born Melissa Ann Brite on 25th May 1967 in New Orleans. Brite was clearly an intelligent child, able to read at the […]

Christa Faust: Editrix

‘Author, Pervert, Pulp Enthusiast, First Lady of Hard Boiled Case Crime’ Easily the greatest introduction and description of one of the best living (and coolest) writers today. Christa Faust. Born on 21th 1969 in New York City. Faust dabbled with various trades before answering the call of the pen. Professsional Dominatrix, a Times Square peep […]

Anais Nin: The Quill Did Quiver

For many years, it has seemed that if you were a woman you were not encouraged to enjoy sexually explicit books or films. Anything remotely sexual was written for men by men. Where was the erotica for the discerning woman with her own desires that were not ‘vanilla’? Thankfully someone not only wrote some stellar […]

Reading Essentials for Angst Ridden Women

Ah the teenage years; that time in your development when your hormones are out of control, your skin is spotty and greasy and you are trying to win the approval of your classmates (even if you hate them , you care what they think of you). Why people claim that this is the best time […]

Bed Time Reading II

Loved ‘BedTime Reading’? Has your appetite for pages of passion been whetted? Do you desire more bedroom inspiration? Fear not, for there are more titillating titles for your perusal. The Story of O- Pauline Reage Conceived as a ‘challenge’ when Jean Paulhan, lover of author Reage and admirer of the Marquis de Sade; claimed that […]

Personal Sanctuary

Libraries are a vital part of our history, present and future. Books were once more than just for pleasure. The ability to read and write meant the difference between struggling to get by day to day and actually living an easier life. Sadly, with the declining economy has meant that many libraries have had to […]