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South Korea: Unspoilt

Autumn, the most glorious season. A time of passing, the end of greenery, of Spring/summer exuberance. Losing of luscious leaves, but by no means a termination. A deepen of colour, dip in temperature, and an increase of comfort and cosiness. While the love affair with Japan is a monogamous, longlasting romance. An admiration and flirtation […]

Pristine Philippines

When most mention The Philippines, the most common attributes include Imelda Marcos and her colossal closest of shoes. While that maybe true, The Philippines has much more to offer. Especially when it comes to her beguiling natural beauty. The Philippines are an archipelago of over 7000 islands in Southeast Asia. North of that other famed […]

China Untamed

Oh China, the infatuation still lingers on. Having covered her recent film stars, designers, gardens and now it’s the turn of her natural charms. For such a huge country, China is blessed with a variety of landscapes; tropical in the south, desert in the northwest and the mountains of Tibet. So beauty can be found […]

Micronesia: Secret Eden

Who can truly resist the appeal of a tropical getaway? Crystal clear waters, constant sunshine, promised warmth that always delivers and the ability to truly unwind. Given how most of the known island destinations have been covered extensively, one would feel that there is little left to discover. However, after a documentary about Palau I […]

Garden of Suzhou: Imperial Inspiration

China has a country undergoing great change. With a booming economy, huge urban development was inevitable. As more leave the countryside for the bright lights of the metropolis of Beijing and Shanghai; the need to expand outwards to cater to this influx has never been needed more. To contrast this encroaching concrete jungle, is a […]

Scarlet Blossoms II

Red; the colour of passion and love. Associated with fire. Striking and exuberant. In fashion, red stands out brightly. In nature it is splendid and resplendent. Attracting pollinators to perpetuate their kind, Hummingbirds are famed fans of rouge. Here is further proof of their wonder and beauty. Red Spider Lily Calliandra Kauai Orchid

Costa Rica: A Luscious Land

A country that has recently caught my attention as a possible paradise to visit. Ecotourism is a fascinating area of tourism that sees wildlife as a source of income for the locals. Striking a fine balance between creating an infrastructure for tourists but not destroying the nature that is bring in the tourism. One country […]

Evening Perfume

Whilst I could never claim to be green fingered or even vaguely knowledgable. Exotic flowers are so bewitching, one does not need to be a gardener to appreciate their beauty or scent. What has caught my interest recently is the concept of flowers that only bloom once night fall. Such a seductive concept, by day […]

Red Crowned Cranes: Glorious

Graceful, faithful, beautiful and rare. What is there not to love about the Red Crowned Cranes? Also known as the Japanese Crane, they are a black and white with a red cap on their head, hence the red crown in their name. These are amongst the rarest of all the 15 species of Cranes (found […]

South Pacific: Idyllic Isolation

If the idea of being totally away from the hustle of modern metropolis enticing. Tropical paradises with little human contact and to get as far away as humanly possible. Or wishing to follow in the footsteps of Gaugin or Marlon Brando (who ending you up his own Island) Then the islands of the South Pacific […]