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Kata Karkkainen: Peek a Boo

(THIS POST CONTAINS NUDITY, IF OFFENSIVE PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED) A face that may seem familiar, but you may not know her name. Fear not for she is Kata Karkkainen. Born Minna Katariina Karkkainen on 27th October 1968 in Helsinki, Finland. While Karkkainen is a writer (including an autobiography in 2008). What brought her to […]

Joe Shuster: Sleaze-a-Rama

While I am not a fan of comic books (or graphic novels) and is unlikely to ever but such a read. However, on occasion. There is a wonderful underbelly of eroticism when one knows where to look. As far as comic book cultural icons go; ‘Superman’ is in the upper echelons of global fame. What […]


Normally, when I find something that intrigues and tickles me. I research it and try to find out as much as I can. However I have been stymied. For a while, I have been bewitched by not just Agent Provocateur’s enticing lingerie. But by their illustrations. The art work is both saucy and well executed. […]

Sincerely Yours

Occasionally one starts an entry and within that embryonic idea. Another idea surfaces. As a lover of writing and a¬†functionally Luddite, the idea of writing with pen and paper is rather romantic. While emails and texts delivers on speed and never risking the loss of post. I feel that writing letters or just writing things […]

Smoking Hot

It stinks, carcinogenic, causes premature aging, yellows your fingers, stains your teeth and is bloody expensive. So why do people smoke? As a non smoker who has never had so much as a crafty drag as teenager. The appeal of smoking has always been lost on me. Maybe it is in part linked to its […]

Jim Weathers: Alpha Obsequious

In my neverending quest to supply you amiable pervs with what I believe is the best in Erotica. I give you the works of Fetish photographer Jim Weathers. Born in Michigan in 1962, yet spending his adolescence in the UK. Weathers always had an affinity for art, yet never considered a career based on his […]

Come Hither

WARNING POST CONTAINS NUDITY. Playboy magazine has featured some stunning women at their most bare and beautiful. Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, Pamela Anderson, Dita Von Teese & Drew Barrymore are just a few of the scintillating sirens in the centrefolds. One however I am bewitched by is not so well known. As a huge fan […]