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Elizabeth Wurtzel: Histrionica

Without a doubt, one of my favourite living authors. Blessed with brains, beauty and a relentlessly fierce talent. Elizabeth Wurtzel. Born Elizabeth Lee Wurtzel on 31 July 1967 in New York City. Her early years were far from idyllic, her parents divorced, aged 12 Wurtzel’s began her life long battle with depression. Even though she […]

Gulabi Gang: The Amazons Of India

In recent years India has been the in spotlight for their treatment of women and in particular the horrific gang rape and death of a student on a bus in Delhi. With the seemingly rampant sexual violence and the historic lack action on part of the Indian police, it would appear that India’s women are […]

Appeal of Androgyny

As feminism advocates equality between the genders, that no barrier should be put on someone just because of their gender. That as a woman, no one can tell you what it is to dress, act and feel a woman; you have to find your own identity on your OWN terms. Well, I feel that the […]

“I Want It Now” She Said

In feminism, certain stereotypes persist. Like bra burning, man hating and an aversion to anything masculine. One area that is very thorny issue and still divides feminists;┬ásex and eroticism. Is it possible to like sexual explicit material (erotic books, porn etc) and still be a feminist? Granted, some of this has been touched upon in […]

Grand Dame of Feminism: Mary Wollstonecraft

Widely considered as one of the founding philosophers for feminism. Wollstonecraft was one of the first advocates for not only educating women, but argued against the long-held notion that women were naturally inferior to men. She was a true believer in equality, not just for women but for working class men. With her first publication […]

Reading Essentials for Angst Ridden Women

Ah the teenage years; that time in your development when your hormones are out of control, your skin is spotty and greasy and you are trying to win the approval of your classmates (even if you hate them , you care what they think of you). Why people claim that this is the best time […]