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Private Showing

CONTAINS ADULT THEMES It is a fact universally accepted that Christian Louboutin makes THE sexiest shoes on planet Earth. Everything about Louboutin’s work is luxurious and lascivious (if shoes are your weakness). However what you may not know (until recently I did not) that in 2007 Louboutin collaborated with Surrealist film maker David Lynch for […]

Refitism Realised

Refitism (or foot fetishism) is the most approachable of all the fetish sphere. For one, it is the most easy to facilitate. If you want to satisfy your needs, just look down! Or simply turn to any of the fashion magazines, and there are a vast array of shoes of all designers, heel types etc. […]

From the Waist Down

Following up from the sweet kitsch of Alberto Guardiani’s Lipstick heels, comes a saucier alternative. Instead of a tool of beauty, why not put a figure of beauty and feminity; like part of a woman’s body. Though there is some variation, most of the ‘cheeky heels’ are from the hips toward. I do find the […]

Well Heeled: Alberto Guardiani Lipstick Heels

My love of high heels, red lipstick and other classic feminine accoutrements is well established. If it is girly, ‘old fashioned’ or just a bit kitsch I am all over it like Rod Steward on a pneumatic blonde. For a long time, I thought Christian Louboutin was THE major supplier of sex at your toes […]

Thigh High Boots: Lick My Boots

Shoes have always had great potential for sexual arousal, as legions of shoe fetishists will attest to. Boots (heeled of course, non of that flat shit) have a certain authoritarian feel which makes them very popular for those in BDSM. Whether you wish to be dictated to or be the one giving the orders is […]

Fluff Piece: Streetzie’s Bunny Slipper Heels

Combining heels and slippers sounds like a paradox, and in part it is. Even the best heel divas need a break, to relax your feet and well, sometimes you are just not in the mood. Having said that there are times when to have a smaller heel inside your home. Now I am not really […]

Christian Louboutin: First You Tease…..

Women loving high-heeled shoes is almost a cliché but largely true. While taste varies from person to person, if there is one kind of shoe that makes most salivate, it is a sexy stiletto. One man understands this better than most and his shoes are so very sexy and fetishistic, but beautiful at the same […]