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Right on the Kisser

As far as shapes and sizes go. Lipsticks are pretty universal. Not always due to lack of imagination. Practically, there is only so much variation from a cylindrical shape that can fit into a handbag. So when I found a real giant lipstick. My heart fluttered with a thousand technicolor butterflies. My first introduction to […]

Antoine Kruk: Je ne Sais Quoi

When one appreaciates a piece of art, even a very small feature. It is always nice to find the name of the artist. Too often (at least for myself) I find some art that I really appreciate but cannot find the name of the artist. So one can imagine how pleasing it was to find […]


Apologies for the long delay. Been going through a bit of ‘blogging block’. Cannot use the term writers block as I cannot consider myself a writer, just someone with allot of opinions. So when I stumbled across the staggering beauty of these 50’s feminine fetishes. My heart fell in lust. They are the product of […]

Lamis King: Swan Song

Lipstick tubes are pretty much uniform. Some would say slightly phallic; cylindrical with a narrowing at the top. Precision perfection. Needing to be discreet for ones bag but not so small that it is troublesome to apply. So the actual tube itself does not change much. Besides the differing styles, colours, textures (maybe the odd […]

Izzy Parry Lewis: Kick up Your Heels

As social creatures, we all look for a pride, tribe, pack and cult of our own. Where we are accepted, admired and appreciated. To my own coven of eccentrics, I include the latest addiction; Izzy Parry Lewis. As the photography director and editor of ‘Marie Claire’. Lewis is in a prime position of prominence. Never […]

Catherine Baba: Follow Through

No one is more mythical then the mystical ‘Parisian Woman’ the epitome of chic. Sophistication reeks from her; the way she handles herself, her effortless saunters. She may not always be classically beautiful, her ‘looks’ are secondary. What makes her so coveted, is that she graces and glides regardless of her mortal vessel. She does […]

Vice Versa Hotel: Mon Dieu

This might be a strange time to post a saucy post in the run- up to Halloween. But since it is Saturday, I thought now was the perfect time to inspire amorous motives. After my entry about the Moschino Hotel, I thought there would not be another quirky hotel to turn hotel decor upside down […]

Lady Weird: Quaintrelle

(CONTAINS ADULT THEMES, IF OFFENSIVE DO NOT READ ON) If you are wondering what the title translates as; Quaintrelle is a woman who emphasizes her passion through cultivating her personal style and enjoyment of pleasure. If one loves classic pin-ups, fetishism, B-Movies vixen and generally fine feminine features, Lady Weird is Quaintrelle of great talent […]

Drink Me

In the realm of adult seduction, alcohol is a tool with varied successes. To some, a means of loosing one’s inhibitions. Or at worst a bases for some very questionable sex. As long as no one is harmed, just part of life’s rich tapestry. While I am not a drinker, I have to admit to […]

Powderpuff Palace

Yes, the interior focused fever of HF continues. Here the spotlight is on the modern day Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. Jolie Blon. A true blond bombshell amidst many pretenders, Blon has been delighting her legions of fans with her devotion to showgirl splendour. Whilst she has a more then respectable career as a Burlesque […]