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Comfort in Curiosities

If you felt the earlier post of ‘Darken my Door’, was too pretty and lacking any panache. Fear not for I have catered to your own particular ┬áneeds. In Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York; there is an abode that is the most eerie, haunting and most gobsmacking home in the whole city. Owned by ‘Oddities’ […]

Darken My Door

Must admit that I am going through a bit of an interior obsession. Since the UK housing market is so ridiculous expensive, more and more people are struggling to acquire their own home. So I am fascinated by the the more ‘unusual’ styles or decor, when that day arrives. I can hopefully create an environment […]

Deborah Turbeville: Phantasmagoria

THIS POST CONTAINS NUDITY Born on 6th July 1932 in Stoneham, Massachusetts. As a young woman, she moved to New York. There she found work as an assistant and sample model for Claire McCardell. In time she raised through the the ranks to editorial for both ‘Mademoiselle’ and ‘Harper’s Bazaar’. However, this career path was […]


There are so many words that spring to mind when one is describes gothic. Dark, morbid, old and creepy. However I have often felt that the one word that should be used more when describing goth style. Elegant. Of all subcultures I was intrigued by as a teenager (punk, grunge mostly influenced by the kind […]

Poppy Z. Brite: Written In Blood

If you crave sensuality with a hint of earthiness, gritty realism with moments of softness all written with effortless grace, form and relentless ability. Then Poppy Z. Brite will satisfy your deepest desire. Born Melissa Ann Brite on 25th May 1967 in New Orleans. Brite was clearly an intelligent child, able to read at the […]

Forgotten Ghosts of New Orleans

Has had a true love affair with the City of New Orleans, thanks to Anne Rice and Poppy Z Brite since I was 15. Though I have never had the pleasure of visiting the Big Easy, it has everything on paper that I love; History, the Supernatural, a strong identity and an appreciation of the […]

What We Crave At Night

Has chosen to focus on more gothic art for this entry, specifically a darker, more sexually implicit style of art. While there are countless pieces of gothic art, these are my favourite. The myth of the Vampire is a rather especial one (if you ever read the works of Anne Rice or Poppy Z Brite, […]

Polly Morgan: Skin Merchant

Taxidermy has made a come back. During the Victorian Era it was a sign of status to have many a dead creatures stuffed and posed in ones home. For the past twenty odd years, the appeal of having say your former pet stuffed waned. I am not such a huge fan of taxidermy, it is […]

Irina Ionesco: Beauty in the Dark

In the mood for something erotic, gothic and fetishitic this weekend? (Of course, you tasteful perverts!), Parisian photographer Irina Ionesco has been lionising the female form with a dark edge for decades. One of the biggest controversies sparked were of her pictures of daughter Eva, posed in a style that in some would consider ‘child […]

Art of Sorrow: Tear Catchers

Tear Catchers or Lachrymatory are bottles that are designed for catching tears (hence the name). They are can be worn like a necklace, maybe to ensure that to tears are lost or just a plain bottle. It’s a tradition that began about 3,000 years. During the Roman era mourners would fill up their vials or […]