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Coveted Bag: Louis Vuitton Sac Triangle Bag

Traditionally, Louis Vuitton has not featured strongly on Hangbag-Fetishist. Even their achieve has left me lukewarm. No interesting shapes, styles, finishes, handles. Of course the ubiquitous monogram, which as an opponent of monograms. Means that LV and I must remain apart. However, not wishing to completely turn my back on Louis Vuitton. I discovered a […]

Coveted Bag: Smythson Antonia Bag

Atlast, my handbag version of the White Wale has been captured. For too long; I have pondered and wondered and obsessed. Who was the designer of Dita Von Teese’s mystery black bag (see bottom images). A chic compact bag, living up to my ideals of arm candy. But no one ever gave the name of […]

Menagerie of Moschino

Ah Moschino. In the desert of mediocrity and sterility, you are a cool and bountiful oasis. Providing relief and splendour for the weary, the tired and the simply stylistically stifled. As to the age of these featured pieces, I am not sure. I am pretty certain that they all occurred during the reign of former […]

Coveted Bag: Dolce & Gabbana Vanity Case

I was in a quandary as to whether this latest offering was a bag or a vanity. Officially it appears to be a bag, however it has a greater emphasis on the style of vanities. Dolce and Gabbana has during their AW’16 collection produced a few glorious vanity style bags. Whilst they are effortlessly chic. […]

Lucite Bags: Waiting for a Encore

Vintage bags make my heart skip a beat. Anything dated between 1930’s-50’s is my ideal period of chic arm candy. While vintage styles are making a strong comeback, one style has proved elusive. The lucite bag. Leather, suede and canvas are more common materials used to make handbags. Yet once upon a time, a durable […]

Coveted Bag: Alexander McQueen Box Bag

Of all the eccentric haute couturiers, Alexander McQueen is the one I have resisted the most. Not because I dislike their creations, some of them rather radiant. More to do with the fact that McQueen has been using fur (a big no-no) and when said designer uses Rabbit fur, that is a double negative. With […]

Don’t Leave Me Hanging

As a committed bag lady, I like to think that I am fairly competent with accessories and etiquette. Admittly this I just my own interpretation and not likely to catch the attention of the masses. Still, I would like to shine the spotlight onto a seemingly minor trick that bag fiends count on. When one […]

Etiquette of Bag Ladies

In age of lacking social interactions and manners in general. Etiquette can appear at times antiquated, being be holding to an ancient code. However manners to me equate to one thing and one thing only. Be it, a man holding a door open or standing for a lady. To some women this is utterly desirable, […]

Coveted Bag: Tom Ford Natalia Doctor Bag

Tom Ford, a true maestro of opulence and luxury. Has been one of the most universally acclaimed designers in the past 30 years. Having honed his craft at as head designer of both Gucci and YSL, Ford is now creating waves with his own brand of luscious haute couture. For someone who enjoys both provoking […]

Coveted Bag: Christian Dior Babe Vanity Bag

I have to be honest, I was losing hope of finding any new bags to feature in ‘Coveted Bag’. I searched (maybe more then most people would in fairness) and searched. Tried different search terms, designer, locations and familiar favourites such as Moschino etc. Maybe there were no bags to lust over. Maybe I had […]