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Maison Moschino: Sybaritic

If your appetite for the whimsical wonders of Moschino (an understandable reaction) needs to be satiated in big way. Then I have the best solution for your addiction, for Moschino has its own boutique hotel. Yes, just like Giorgio Armani,Bulgari and Missoni; Moschino has its own sumptuous temple of taste and feminity. Having been to […]


My obsession with Dita Von Teese is badly kept secret. She is stunning, smart, scintillating and stylish. So it makes perfect sense that I covet 90% of what she wears, reads and thinks. Granted she looses me with fur and leopard print (See I am capable of disagreeing with my idol). Where she and I […]

Bettina Graziani: Demure

Born Simone Micheline Bodin on 8th May 1925 in Normandy, France. Her early life was disrupted by WWII. When war was over, she was bewitched by her sister Catherine’s Parisian purchases. Maybe since she was subjected to the restrictions of wartime living plus the grim realities of being surrounded by death and destruction. The young […]

Suzanne Von Aichinger: Jolie Laide

Few things are as minimising of one’s confidence and self worth then looking different. Society, mainstream publications and now social media dictate what is attractive. While some people may comform to the current motif of the marvellous by accident. What we have always wanted is ‘perfection’. Now since perfection is subjective, what is ideal to […]

Simone D’Aillencourt: Effervescence

Why we remember models from the 1960’s (Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton etc) yet forget those who were active only a decade early is a mystery. So in an effort to feature some of the best of the models of yesterday, I have chosen another stark beauty. Simone D’Aillencourt. As to D’Aillencourt’s date of birth, I am […]

Bellissima Borsas

Three months is too long to go without a mention of Moschino’s mighty bags. Plus in an effort to keep standards high for you discerning readers, I have searched the internet for the pieces that I feel best represent Moschino’s whimsical chic. As a purely personally point of view, I am not a fan of […]

China Machado: Immortalised

When Richard Avedon declares that you are ‘probably the most beautiful woman in the world’. You must be extraordinary, as is China Machado. Born Noelie Dasouza Machaco 25th December 1929 in Shanghai, China. Her early life was spent travelling with her family to Peru, Argentina and Spain. Choosing to enjoy tradition persuits such as knitting, […]

Coveted Bag: Hermes Pullman Bag

Just when you thought Hermes had no more to offer from their back catalogue. Behold the Pullman bag. As to it history, I have not been able to find much. Based on the limited information I have been able to uncover, Pullman was definitely in existence during the 1960’s. Sadly by the 1980’s Hermes decided […]

Second Look

Ah September, now we can officially say farewell to summer. To open toed shoes, to bare shoulders and fretting about the merest hint of leg hair. Now let’s cast our eyes on these warm weather wonders; the top dress is called Zelma and is by Agent Provocateur. Followed by a Louis Vuitton slip, A Lingerie […]

Moschino Per La Vita

Ah Moschino, you never cease to beguile, bemuse and bewitch me. Of all the many, many designer labels, you are the funniest, chicest and effortless in your ability to make the ordinary extraordinary. Retro style but never stale. Alas more wonderful arm candy.