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Adele Mildred: Requisite Vermillion

To call a woman ‘the most fabulous women in London’, is a lofty title. London is a wonderful city, full of whimsical artists who dance to their own rhythm. Pioneers who look inside out and upside down. So when I believe that I have found the aforementioned femme totale; I assure you she is breathtaking. […]

Arresting Headresses

For Decoration or dancing. These headresses from a various parts of the Asian continent are spectacular adornments. I must confess that I have not even scratched the surface of all the different headwear. Different countries, subcultures etc. These featured are the most ornate examples I have come across so far. So grand, detailed and breathtaking.

Bes-Ben: Avant Garde

Quirky,whimsical, eccentric or avant garde, whatever one terms it. When we truly think outside the box of conventional, when we allow our imaginations run uninhibited. Results can be mesmerising. One of earliest examples of millinery madness, Bes-Ben. Known as the ‘Mad Hatter’ Benjamin B. Green-Field was born in 1897. together with his sister Bess, they […]

Legroux Soeurs: Prestige

Handbags maybe my true love, but hats are my mistress. Whether simple or opulent, headwear can enhance (or distract) the wearer depending on the intention. Paris is not known as the fashion capital of the world for no good reason. Two sisters in particular held their chic court. The Legroux Soeurs. (Translates as Legroux sisters), […]

Paulette: Feather in your Cap

To be the greatest designer in Paris is a title that most fashion houses would cut their limbs off for. So when one house achieves such a lofty award and to maintain that title is remarkable. If you are a hat fiend, that goes to Paulette. Born Paulette Adam de la Bruyere in 1900. Her […]

Mr John: If You Please

Whether you know him as John P. John or Mr John, his legacy of chic headwear means that a name in inconsequential. Born John Pico Harberger on 14th March 1902 in Munich Germany. First studying medicine at the University of Lucerne, Then art at the Sorbonne. Immigrating to the U.S. in 1919, John began his […]

Off With Her Head!

Vintage hats are a treasure that I am so glad is not completely lost. Not everyone has the right face for what can be an ornate adornment, but if you have ‘IT’ I say flaunt it. Some of the older hats are chic (Joan Crawford models the top hat, Lucille Ball on the forth picture […]

Caroline Reboux: Inventor of the Cloche

Before Hollywood, if you wanted to appeal to a wealthy clientele, the aristocracy were your desired choice. One designer who bridged the gap between the old and the modern. One who saw not only the kind of clients/designs change but also took part in shaping our tastes in hats. Caroline Reboux. Born in Paris in […]

Lilly Dache: Drop Of The Hat

When watching an old Hollywood film, one of the benefits is (for myself at least) is seeing the magnificent costumes adorned on these super sirens. One art form in particular that I feel has been lost for many years (though making a long due comeback) is the art of the hat. One milliner was responsible […]

Stephen Jones: The Man with his Head in the Clouds

For many years I have found the type of hats worn at weddings, days at the races etc to be criminally boring. Now there is no reason to wear the same tired, predictable hats, thanks to the haute milliner Stephen Jones. His exquisite, whimsical pieces may not be every day wear and really are for […]