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Joe Shuster: Sleaze-a-Rama

While I am not a fan of comic books (or graphic novels) and is unlikely to ever but such a read. However, on occasion. There is a wonderful underbelly of eroticism when one knows where to look. As far as comic book cultural icons go; ‘Superman’ is in the upper echelons of global fame. What […]

Lucite Bags: Waiting for a Encore

Vintage bags make my heart skip a beat. Anything dated between 1930’s-50’s is my ideal period of chic arm candy. While vintage styles are making a strong comeback, one style has proved elusive. The lucite bag. Leather, suede and canvas are more common materials used to make handbags. Yet once upon a time, a durable […]

Emilio Schuberth: Creme de la Creme

In European haute couture, there was for many years Paris was the undisputed ruler. While true haute couture is technically only exist in Paris. That does not exclude other countries contributing to beautifully made luxurious fashion. It seems hard to imagine but Italy was not always the glamour location. That was largely due to the […]

Eastern Flavour

Whilst seeking inspiration, I find myself being drawn to more Eastern aesthetics and touches. By Eastern, I am focusing on more classically Asian designs and motifs, from India to China to South Korea. While I adore Japan, their interior designs usually leave me a bit cold. Not because they not are bad, just a lacking […]

Philip Hulitar: Collectable Cognoscenti

Vintage fashion is a seemingly endless source of inspiration and knowledge. Just when you think you know it all, something or someone new comes along. That someone new is Philip Hulitar. Annoyingly, there is little biographical information on Hulitar. What I have found out is that Hulitar spent many years ¬†honing his skills at Bergdorf […]

Captive Audience

Combine the glamour of old Hollywood with a gothic aesthetic. Add a dash of history and what is the end product? Pre Hayes code Cinema. Before the stifling restrictions of the Hayes Code. Hollywood was a racy place, filled with new technology and new scandalous opportunities. Even after almost 100 hundred years, Some of these […]

Mara Lane: Sheer Accentuation

There must be something in the water (or the cream, given the sweet tooth) in Vienna that creates staggering sirens. Hedy Lamarr and now Mara Lane. Born Dorothy Bolton; 1 August 1930 in Vienna, Austria. After taking up ballet. Young Lanetravelled as a young child to Russia, USA and Denmark, thanks to her father’s job […]

Marion Holmes: Give them the Slip

Another belter from Blighty. Today Marion¬†Holmes. Born in 1938 (Yet another bombshell who appears to have been created rather then born), from Surbiton, Surrey. Having spent time in more conventional employment, as a Typist. Holmes showed that she was more then capable of holding the camera and the viewer hostage. I am especially beguiled by […]

Eve of Eden

POST CONTAINS NUDITY. IF OFFENSIVE, PLEASE SO NOT CONTINUE. While the USA does appear to hold the majority of famous vintage pin-ups. I have recently discovered that here in Blighty, we do have a few sirens of our. Not as famous as Bettie Page or Betty Brosmer. They are not lacking in photogenic charms. To […]

Princess Fawzia Fuad: Spellbound

My interest in this fascinating woman came about purely by chance. I came across a picture of her (the bottom image to be exact), I could not believe how beautiful she was. Looking more like a Hollywood star then a stuffy Queen. I had to find out who she was. What intrigued me the most […]