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Vain Hussy

A woman’s relationship with her vanity is one of the most intimate in her house (expect for bed and wardrobe). While being able to afford a walk in wardrobe is an impossible dream for most. A little space, to compose and prepare for the day. While I love to see lots of beautiful tools of […]

Captive Audience

Combine the glamour of old Hollywood with a gothic aesthetic. Add a dash of history and what is the end product? Pre Hayes code Cinema. Before the stifling restrictions of the Hayes Code. Hollywood was a racy place, filled with new technology and new scandalous opportunities. Even after almost 100 hundred years, Some of these […]

Mara Lane: Sheer Accentuation

There must be something in the water (or the cream, given the sweet tooth) in Vienna that creates staggering sirens. Hedy Lamarr and now Mara Lane. Born Dorothy Bolton; 1 August 1930 in Vienna, Austria. After taking up ballet. Young Lanetravelled as a young child to Russia, USA and Denmark, thanks to her father’s job […]

Come Hither

WARNING POST CONTAINS NUDITY. Playboy magazine has featured some stunning women at their most bare and beautiful. Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, Pamela Anderson, Dita Von Teese & Drew Barrymore are just a few of the scintillating sirens in the centrefolds. One however I am bewitched by is not so well known. As a huge fan […]

Cora Phillips: Illicit Carnality

To imagine Los Angeles pre-cinema is almost impossible. What was the City of Angels like before the studios, starlets and the silver screen? ¬†Ironically it was granddaughter of Samuel Goldwyn, Liz who has aroused my interest in this lesser known part of her history. Thanks to her most recent book ‘Sporting Guide’, Goldwyn has turned […]

Irene Lentz: Dressing The Stars

To dress the biggest and most beautiful people on the silver screen is an honour that most designers would cut their own arms for just a taste. Some become icons such as Edith Head. Some are sadly forgotten. Like Irene Lentz. Born on 8th December 1900 in Baker, Montana. Once arriving in Los Angeles in […]

Anna May Wong: No One’s Dragon Lady

She shone (according to some even, more than Marlene Dietrich) and sizzled on silver screen. Sadly she is the greatest star of Hollywood’s golden age that you have never heard of. Anna May Wong. Born Wong Liu Tsong on 3rd January 1905 in Los Angeles, near Chinatown. Since early childhood Wong was enamoured by the […]

Catwoman: Hear Me Roar

Since 1940. Catwoman has become a part of comic iconography; later cultural. As I am not a comic book fan, my attachment to Catwoman is not in the context of Batman (either comic or on the TV series). As a child of the early 90’s, I remember seeing images of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman from ‘Batman […]

Hedy Lamarr: Stunning & Cerebral

To be dubbed the most beautiful woman in the world in Hollywood. A town full of beautiful women, past and present. So Hedy Lamarr must have been an extraordinary woman to behold. Born Hedwig Eva Marie Kiesler on 9th November 1914 in Vienna, Austria. Born initially into comfort, thanks to her father’s job as bank […]

Classic Sweethearts

Against the backdrop of war, death, displacement and destruction. A distraction was needed; a slice of home, something ideal yet familiar. A new glorified art form was born. Cheesecake pin-ups. With soldiers being stationed abroad, facing mortality and homesickness. Now more then ever, GIs craved a friendly face preferably with an equally friendly figure. Thus […]