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Vice Versa Hotel: Mon Dieu

This might be a strange time to post a saucy post in the run- up to Halloween. But since it is Saturday, I thought now was the perfect time to inspire amorous motives. After my entry about the Moschino Hotel, I thought there would not be another quirky hotel to turn hotel decor upside down […]

Powderpuff Palace

Yes, the interior focused fever of HF continues. Here the spotlight is on the modern day Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. Jolie Blon. A true blond bombshell amidst many pretenders, Blon has been delighting her legions of fans with her devotion to showgirl splendour. Whilst she has a more then respectable career as a Burlesque […]

Eastern Flavour

Whilst seeking inspiration, I find myself being drawn to more Eastern aesthetics and touches. By Eastern, I am focusing on more classically Asian designs and motifs, from India to China to South Korea. While I adore Japan, their interior designs usually leave me a bit cold. Not because they not are bad, just a lacking […]

Comfort in Curiosities

If you felt the earlier post of ‘Darken my Door’, was too pretty and lacking any panache. Fear not for I have catered to your own particular ┬áneeds. In Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York; there is an abode that is the most eerie, haunting and most gobsmacking home in the whole city. Owned by ‘Oddities’ […]

Darken My Door

Must admit that I am going through a bit of an interior obsession. Since the UK housing market is so ridiculous expensive, more and more people are struggling to acquire their own home. So I am fascinated by the the more ‘unusual’ styles or decor, when that day arrives. I can hopefully create an environment […]

Vain Hussy

A woman’s relationship with her vanity is one of the most intimate in her house (expect for bed and wardrobe). While being able to afford a walk in wardrobe is an impossible dream for most. A little space, to compose and prepare for the day. While I love to see lots of beautiful tools of […]

When I Grow Up

Home is more than just bricks and mortar, it is our sanctuary, our haven, the place where we feel safe and free to be ourselves without judgement. So how we decorate out homes is very important, setting the tone and helping us relax. While budget constraints forces the vast majority of us to stick to […]