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Nancy Cunard: Rara Avis

Heiress, artist, muse and activist. Not many recall her name, but Nancy Cunard was a renegade who saw the world beyond her very comfortable existence. Born on 10th March 1896, into utter luxury thanks to her familiar fortune (due to the Cunard cruise connection).  Like many children of the wealthy, Cunard flittered between boarding schools […]

Suzanne Von Aichinger: Jolie Laide

Few things are as minimising of one’s confidence and self worth then looking different. Society, mainstream publications and now social media dictate what is attractive. While some people may comform to the current motif of the marvellous by accident. What we have always wanted is ‘perfection’. Now since perfection is subjective, what is ideal to […]

June Miller: Wanton

To act as a muse for one great author is a remarkable, but to inspire two. You have to have a certain kind of charisma and charm that can intoxicate those surrounding you. June Miller was one such addictive muse. Born Juliet Edith Smerth on 7th January 1902 in Burkovina, Romania. Her family changed their […]

Renee Perle: Eccentricity

What makes a muse? Why are some people able to inspire in another a lightning bold moment of brilliance, yet another does not? Inspiration is just like attraction wholy subjective, unable to be analysed. What excites one may leave another cold. Born in 1904 in Romania, little is known about Perle. Except that in 1930 […]

Virginie Gautreau: Alabaster and Lavender Décolletage

To be immortalised, frozen in time as a great beauty and muse to a great artist would appeal to anyone. For one woman, this dream proved to be meaningless. Virginie Gautreau. Born Virginie Amelie Avegno on 29th January 1859 in New Orleans. After her father was killed during the civil war, aged 8 she and […]

Gala Dali: Cruel Madonna

Surrealism is by its definition oblique, peculiar and open to interpretation. One of the stars of this movement Salvador Dali’s muse, wife and object of fascination Gala, was a controversial yet secretive enigma. Born Elena Ivanovna Diakanova in 1894, in Kazan, Russia. Her family were comfortable until her father disappeared when Elena was ten. Her mother […]

Daphne Guinness: I Don’t Approach Fashion. Fashion Approaches Me

With the mainstream media’s rabid critique of anyone and everyone’s dress sense, it is easy to discourage others from dressing in a flamboyant and daring manner.  It takes a true trailblazer to stick their head above the parapet and be willing to submit to aggressive criticism. Enter designer, muse, collector, model and artist Daphne Guinness. […]

Marchesa Luisa Casati: Professional Muse

‘I want to be a living work of art’ this was the motto of eccentric Italian heiress and full time muse and lover of all things over the top, Marchesa Luisa Casati. Some may think that someone like Paris Hilton was excessive in her partying hay day. Simply put compared to Casati she is a […]

Elizabeth Siddal: Water Nymph on Canvas

Before models posed in front the camera, models were first used by which ever painter wanted have them fulfil their vision (or at least for the latest commission). Most are nameless, personal history lost and possibly even the artists themselves did not know nor care who they are. One name has endured, Elizabeth Siddal. Considered […]