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Merci Beaucoup

Apologises for such an absence. Not for any particular reason really, just been busy with other engagements. Still, just so that you all know that I have not sunk into the abyss. Forgot to mention that I have now been the bearer of this quaint and quirky page for over three years. Initially, this was […]

Etiquette of Bag Ladies

In age of lacking social interactions and manners in general. Etiquette can appear at times antiquated, being be holding to an ancient code. However manners to me equate to one thing and one thing only. Be it, a man holding a door open or standing for a lady. To some women this is utterly desirable, […]

Intelligence is an Aphrodisiac

Seducing someone is pretty easy. Say the right thing, touch them in the perfect places, wearing appealing attire (or not). While attraction is subjective; attracting a person physically is a short term talent. But to seduce a person’s mind is far harder. If you are someone who turns to jelly at the sound of someone […]


To some it may seem a tad narcissistic to make a post about how many hits a site has ever received. Yes I suppose it is, having said that. This humble site, only 16 months old, has received 10,000 hits since its beginning. Now I cannot claim to know what makes a good blog, nor […]

Appeal of Androgyny

As feminism advocates equality between the genders, that no barrier should be put on someone just because of their gender. That as a woman, no one can tell you what it is to dress, act and feel a woman; you have to find your own identity on your OWN terms. Well, I feel that the […]

I Need, I Want, I Will

Be yourself Be at peace. All of these statements are true, not for one second would I dispute, or argue with these sentiments. I have been wondering, as my mind often does. How do you find peace of mind? How can I be myself. A strange question for some, just do it. Having said that […]

Merry Christmas…

Wishing all my fellowers and anyone else who stumble into this wee domain. An excellent Christmas; spent with those who matter most, the way you wish and gain everything that you desire most. Plus a mention to those who are giving up their time to help those who are typically forgotten during the year. That […]