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Polaire: Chanteuse

Further indulging my fascination with Waist trainers of the past, we have the extreme achievements of Polaire. Born Emelie Marie Bouchard on 14th May 1874 in Algiers, Algeria. Her early life was tumultuous, shifting between Algeria and France. Aged 17, Emelie began singing with her brother Edmund; already an established cafe singer. Adopting the stage […]

Ethel Granger: Fervent Focus

After several tightlacing posts, you may be wonder who hold the record for the smallest waist. Ethel Granger with an eye watering 13 inches! However the story behind this extreme modification is not so clear cut. When Granger was born is not clear, she was likely born in 1900. However this is not just Ethel’s […]

Pauline Lepage: Breathless Sylph

Tightlacing is a sensual and sexual practice that makes me go weak at the knees. Exaggerated, exteme but never dull. The discipline, time, effort, holding ones breath, tight pulling of strings. Once the ideal has been realised; the hastening to keep one in place. One woman understood this ritual better than most in the 20th […]

Camille Clifford: Voluptuous Satiated

Tightlacing is an exquisite art form not to mention very erotic. In the early years of the 20th Century, when corsets were common practice. When tightlacing was not the rarity that is is now. One woman wore her corsets better than most. Camille Clifford. Born 29th June 1885 in Antwerp, Belgium. After a nomadic childhood […]


Body Modification takes on many forms, tattoos, piercings and implants. If you have an idea for a certain look, you go to the proper establishments, pay, then after a period of hours voila your modified appearance is complete. However if you are into Tightlacing, this is never the case. Tightlacing (or Corset Training/Waist Training) is […]

Tightlacing Maestro: Mr Pearl

Need a magnificent corset for your opulent and decadent gown? If you are a showgirl, couturier or high end fetishist; there is only one man Mr Pearl. More like a rare and exotic creature than a mere mortal. Mr Pearl creates and crafts corsets for some of the most extravagant designers John Galliano, Theirry Mugler, […]