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Locusta: Connoisseur of Murder

Ancient Rome; a hotbed of corruption and blood soaked treachery. Where even the bonds of family did not guarantee one’s safety for assassination. Power, the only currency and language accepted; was an all consuming obsession that one could never have enough of. Just like  a criminal organisation, when a ‘problem’ would arise. Someone would be […]

Griselda Blanco: Miami’s Godmother of Cocaine

In Miami, in the 1980’s far from being the sunny playground that it is today. Miami had a haven for drug traffickers bring in ‘product’ from Columbia, though Central America into America. ‘Scarface’ starring Al Pacino gives you an idea of what happening at that time. Needless to say, in order to survive and thrive […]

Mia Zapata: Silenced

When someone joins ‘The 27 Club’, when musicians die at the age of 27. It is a general assumption that they joined this dubious group though their own actions (drug overdose, suicide etc), however there is one desperately sad exception. Mia Zapata. During the early 90’s, alternative rock (featuring Grunge, but not exclusively) was widespread […]

Forgotten Ghosts of New Orleans

Has had a true love affair with the City of New Orleans, thanks to Anne Rice and Poppy Z Brite since I was 15. Though I have never had the pleasure of visiting the Big Easy, it has everything on paper that I love; History, the Supernatural, a strong identity and an appreciation of the […]

Dorothy Stratten: Forever Angelic

Playboy Magazine has been in circulation for more than fifty years. Hugh Hefner and his ‘bunnies’ have titilated and provoked in equal measures, however there is one chapter of its history that is simply tragic. It is the story of Dorothy Stratten. Born Dorothy Hoogstratten, in Vancouver Canada. During the first 16 years of her […]

Black Dahlia: Blood Lust and Broken Dreams

Everyone has a fascination with the glamour of old Hollywood and when you combine that with the murder of a beautiful woman, an aspiring actress. You have tabloid gold. Tragically it is not a figment of Raymond Chandler’s imagination to be adapted into a lush noir movie starring Ava Gardner. This is the gruesome and […]

Stephanie St Clair: Queenie of Harlem

At the beginning of the 20th century, to be a woman was hard, to be a black migrant woman even harder. So the story of Stephanie St Clair is interesting. Martinique born St Clair, came to New York and during the turn 20th century, she ran with the 40 Thieves gangs. She ran a numbers […]

Virginia Hill: Living Moll

In the world of the Mafia, women are lucky to aspire to being either the good, matronly wife who stay quiet and make a nice home. Or they are a ‘gooma’, the mistress; an attractive glamour girl who looks good on the arm of whichever gangster, but also keeps her mouth shut. The one woman who […]