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Seasons Greetings

Apologies for my late entry. Merry belated Christmas to all you amiable, pervs, weirdos and curious cats. Hope you had an enjoyable day yesterday and are still stress free. If you were working then I hope you were not taxed.

Good Tidings

May your Christmas be joyous and stress free. May you eat and drink well and suffer no disappointing gifts. Be with those you love, not be lonely. If you have to work then hopefully you will be rewarded with a pleasant environment. Merry Christmas everyone. Xx

Queens of Noise

When a female musician/pop singer becomes popular it is a cliched formula that she will soon have to sell her sexuality rather than her music. While there is nothing wrong with a musician/singer singing about sex of channeling sexuality, if it is used as a gimmick and clearly not a ‘natural’ fit for her then […]

A Free Bitch’s Guide to Happiness

I. Avoid tight arses and prudes, unless you are one yourself in which case you deserve to be miserable! They are like leeches who suck the weird and wonder from the world. II. Spend as much time as possible with people who make you laugh, support you and empower you to be the best version […]

Anne Rice and her Supernatural New Orleans

Originally posted on Literary New Orleans:
By Allison Siegel Anne Rice was born October 4, 1941, in the Irish Channel section of New Orleans, Louisiana.  She was the second of four daughters born to parents Howard and Katherine O’Brien, who originally gave her the name Howard Allen O’Brien, but she changed it to Anne in…

Popping my Blogging Cherry

At last the world of blogging has a new problem child! Prepare to be informed, entertained and bemused by my ramblings and wonder. As a disclaimer I want it noted that if you are easily offended, stupid, tight arse or just a bigot who wants to pick a fight. You are not welcome and please […]