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Fashion is best understood as a wave. It comes and goes, trends and fads rarely remains. Quickly forgotten. Style on the other hand is a circle, though it seems at times far away. It is never truly gone and always returns. Even if we need to be reminded of its charms. If one stays true […]


Concealment can be as sexy as flaunting flesh. The hidden agenda, what is underneath? A possible promise of precious skin. Beloved by both fetishists and non-fetishists. The trench coat is staple of style for its simplicity and flattering shape. On the surface is seems almost too simple, to plain to be worthy of mention. What […]

Emilio Schuberth: Creme de la Creme

In European haute couture, there was for many years Paris was the undisputed ruler. While true haute couture is technically only exist in Paris. That does not exclude other countries contributing to beautifully made luxurious fashion. It seems hard to imagine but Italy was not always the glamour location. That was largely due to the […]

Philip Hulitar: Collectable Cognoscenti

Vintage fashion is a seemingly endless source of inspiration and knowledge. Just when you think you know it all, something or someone new comes along. That someone new is Philip Hulitar. Annoyingly, there is little biographical information on Hulitar. What I have found out is that Hulitar spent many years ¬†honing his skills at Bergdorf […]

Paloma Picasso: X Marks the Spot

Certain designers will always have air of nostalgia for me as a child of the early 90’s. Paloma Picasso is one such designer. Though Picasso was highly prominate in the 1980’s-90’s. She appears to have all but retreated from the lime light. Personally, I do not like her jewellery, I find some of her bags […]

Ingber: Dainty

The journey to enrich¬†this site with handbags never ceases. So now the spotlight has been turned to a decent collectable vintage label, Ingber. Ingber & Co was founded by brothers David and Isaac Ingber in Philadelphia in 1903. What set Ingber apart from the other handbag manufacturers was their quality and unique touches. So successful […]

Nettie Rosenstein: Timeless

Vintage bags, frankly I don’t believe that you can have too many posts or pictures on the subject. When you consider that so many current designers take inspiration (or in some case blatantly rip off) classic retro styles. Why, because style does not date or tires. So when I have looking into past designs, it […]